Course Navigation Menu Collapses Unexpectedly

HuskyCT users may notice the course navigation menu is collapsing unexpectedly on some devices and browsers.  A recent software update, intended to address responsive design goals, has resulted in this unintended side-effect.

The described behavior exists under the following conditions:

  • Display resolution is 1024 x 768 (or lower)
  • Web browser window has been minimized to 1024 pixels wide (or less)
  • Mobile browser (including iPad, Smartphone and Tablet)

In the below illustration, the course navigation menu is fully collapsed.  Its contents reduced to a thin vertical line, making it nearly impossible to effectively navigate the course.


Despite a lack of visual clues, the course navigation menu can be expanded again by hovering your mouse over the collapsed menu (far right edge of the browser window).  The vertical bar’s color will change and a small tab containing a single arrow icon will be visible (illustrated below).  Clicking on the arrow tab will temporarily expand the navigation menu.


Clicking on a content area from the navigation menu (e.g. Announcements, Course Content, etc.), will result in the menu collapsing again 🙁

We’ve confirmed with Blackboard support that this new responsive feature cannot be disabled.  However, support has acknowledged it as a software defect and we expect they will provide a solution in one of our upcoming updates.

Alas, for most, all is not lost… 

On mobile devices, users can transition to one of HuskyCT’s mobile apps (available here for iOS, Android or Windows).  Mobile browsers have been somewhat effective in the past, however Blackboard has indicated they’re not officially supported.

Assuming the display support it, users on non-mobile devices can try increasing their screen resolution to a value greater than 1024 x 768.  If desktop and application rendering becomes difficult to read, try increasing the browser zoom and/or display icon/font sizes.

We’ll update this post when the issue has been fully resolved by the vendor.